8% APR


The following Private Placement Offering documents show a diverse group of small businesses working together to achieve growth, sustainability, and profitability. We value transparency and offer insights into our reasoning behind our business model and the path to success. 

As business innovators, GADG expects industry changes and takes advantage of opportunities to pivot business practices. These pivots enable participating companies and investors to thrive through initiative and drive. At the heart of this Private Placement, Offering is a pivot to change the narrative of struggling socioeconomic communities and people. 

We are not presenting an op-ed on urban decay and racism. What we are doing is creating a profitable, ecologically sustainable, collateral-generating business machine. With our model, you will participate in starting social and economic change in major cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago as well as midsize and small communities. These collateral resources will be used to advance projects to change lives through opportunity — rather than handouts. The people in the communities take part in the process of building this economic machine and achieving prosperity. 

Paramount to us are our fiduciary responsibilities to you. Success for us — and you, is this Private Placement Offer driving the engine for profitable community redevelopment 

What’s the worst that could happen? Your investment makes a 8% return. 

What’s the best that could happen? Our earth becomes less polluted. Disenfranchised people acquire skills, participate in the economy through education and jobs, and earn their way into homes. Our neighbors take their communities back from poverty and make them flourish. We get a first-row seat to stories that could change our lives. 

The timing is right for America to realize our potential by investing to become what we know is our intended course. Will it be a profitable pivot or a full-blown upheaval from continued neglect? 

Participate in the pivot. 

Jay Hicks Chief Executive Officer- Global Asset Development Group, Inc.

Progress to Closing

$ 5,000,000.00

Dividend at Annual Rate


Minimum Investment


Maximum Offering

$20 Million




Short Term Yield 

The 8% APR return is for new investment into our 12 month Note issued by our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). There are 4 businesses in a Joint Venture, each with varying timelines. Repayment of principle for this segment of the investment will be mainly from the sales revenues of Kayson Golf and Zero Waste Auto Recycling. These are Brick and Mortar businesses that have more than a 20% margin on their products due to supply chain management.  Please refer to the Preface Document for more details

12 Month Note paid at 8% APR. 



Long Term Growth

If you are a Value or Growth investor, the next stage of the investment is for you. Under our warrants program, the Growth investor sees a return of their principle plus interest. They can also designate their capital gains to be converted to stock. Essentially they are investing with “house money” in this phase giving them massive value.  

Where is the growth? A perpetual collateral generating machine lies under the grime and grease of Zero Waste Auto Recycling.  Once Zero Waste’s high margin inventory is merged with Sunseeker’s and Kayson’s similarly set up portfolio it can be perfected into collateral. This collateral will permit GADG, with its combined 30 years of syndicated loan expertise, to make lucrative financial transactions. While each business generates revenue, penetrates markets, and develops their real estate, GADG uses a portion of that value to:

  • Earn commission from syndicated loan promotions
  • Initiate its own community-level real estate and infrastructure projects
  • Embark on a highly focused M&A strategy


Adding Growth By Understanding Value

EB-5 Investors


EB-5 Investors 

EB-5 is the only way currently to gain citizenship in the United States. This offer through its members of the Joint Venture qualifies investors for the EB-5 Visa by meeting the following criteria:

  • $900,000 in a  Targeted Employment Area (TEA) is a region of the United States for which the threshold for investment for an investor  
  • The investment must be made in a for-profit U.S. commercial entity
  • The investment must create 10 full-time U.S. jobs for two years

Additional information is in the Preface. EB-5 Investors qualify for the Warrants portion of the offering.


Adding Growth By Understanding Value

Banking and Institutional Investors

Large Loan Origination Without Overhead

Banking Partners 

This entire offer is a bridge to our banking partners. GADG has created this opportunity as a way to engage its bank partners. The short term yields help you to achieve your quarterly projections, but there is much more. Banks looking to maximize their loan portfolio without adding overhead are presented with vetted and qualified loan revenue opportunities. GADG’s value proposition is to generate financial transactions through our method of acquiring and applying collateral combined with our expertise in the legal aspects of syndicated loans.  

The long term benefits for banks is a sound relationship with GADG in its role as an embedded outsourced provider.  Through this relationship, banks acquire fully realized, syndication-ready deals that require only a short verification in order for the bank to quickly realize income through an “up front fee.” There are other opportunities as well: transaction accounts, refinancing, repatriation of capital earned overseas, and plenty more. Please refer to our affiliate page to see the range of industries and clients we can potentially bring to you.


Securing Transactions as an Embedded Outsourced Provider

Joint Venture Partners


Global Asset Development Group, Inc. (GADG) core business is providing fiscally beneficial access to capital for qualified businesses through peer collaboration with other like businesses. GADG also has an imbedded outsourced partner relationship for banks who want to use its underwriting ability to fully develop their correspondent relationships by acting as a lead arranger for syndicated transactions. GADG’s mission is to collaborate with its clients at such an in-depth level that the client sees themselves as a partner and their business development aspirations are being accomplished collaboratively.   


Cr8tive Jungle

Our entertainment partner has over 30 years collecting the best moments in entertainment. With a massively in depth catalog of downloadable materials it can challenge for a space in 4 billion dollar stock footage and photo industry. It also has it hand on enough star power to make their entertainment projects easier to turn a profit. 

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