Our Affiliates

Having Access to Qualified Clients is a key part of GADG's business potential. Here are some of the highly capable people that are partnering with us .

Kenneth S.Kim 김경수

President for Embeddedone Co.,Ltd. & YH Auto Company Group. Kenneth serves as a consultant for infrastructure projects for several Prime Ministers and project developers in Asia.

Kenneth's professional credentials are numerous and he is uniquely positioned in the Korean business landscape to take advantage 

Here is a list and links to his companies

Afternoon Letter

The Afternoon Letter leadership of Dock Walls and Joël Sylvain introduce a new era in Creative Agency Business.

Joël is a business advisor who specializes in lending and finance options for the entertainment industry. A music entertainment executive and financial services professional with the experience and insights for executing the right strategies for company growth.

Dock has over 30 years of experience in politics and law, assisting Celebrity A list clientele with deal structuring and how to best position themselves with understanding their value proposition for any transaction.


Mark Collins and Ginny Riley are the founders of Piesi.Piesi exists to address the issues that were learned from their healthcare backgrounds and what the industry, data and journals have validated:

Piesi believes by focusing on critical items, and by leveraging their patented processes and technologies, they will improve patient outcomes while driving down costs and eliminating redundancy.

EEE Marketing

Norma Stanley is an financial advocate for the disability community. As the definitions of what it means to be disabled has widened she is uniquely positioned and is able to understand how business owners and communities are making strides to grant access and the costs to implement those changes. EEE is multicultural marketing and communications firm specializing on reaching the disability consumer market 

Black Rhino

The Afternoon Letter is strategically aligned with Black Rhino Financial Group,   a team of experts who have successfully raised several

hundred million for clients through their network of funders such as banks, private and institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds and alternative lenders who provide debt, equity and mezzanine funding. 

The Black Rhino family of companies, called the Rhino Collective offer risk management, finance, marketing, accounting, legal services, technology, manufacturing and consulting.

Solar Energy

Klenton Sparks is embedded deeply in the business solar industry. His company is positioned to help bring financial resources to companies developing solar power as viable energy source in the Sun Belt. 

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